Scrotum Piercing

Scrotum piercing

We have a wide collection of male piercing, genital piercing, sexual piercing, adult piercing, xxx piercing jewelry that you can wear in your genital piercing. Such piercings can be made at any place on the scrotum. Description of Hafada/Scrotum male genital piercings along with its risks and limitations. Labia Minora and Labia Majora Historically speaking, Labia piercings are the female equivalent of foreskin piercings having been the. A hafada piercing is a surface piercing located anywhere on the skin of the scrotum. The lorum is a "LOW-fren-UM" ? that is, a frenum piercing placed low on the shaft, close to the scrotum, or even on the raphe of the scrotum itself.

Scrotal piercings through the skin of the scrotum can be done in practically any gauge or jewelry configuration. A lorum is a male genital piercing, placed horizontally on the underside of the penis at its base, where the penis meets the scrotum. The Scrotum or Hafada piercing takes 4 to 6 months to heal. GUICHE (RAPH PERINEUM) & HAFADA (SCROTUM) PIERCING AFTERCARE and HISTORY GUICHE (geesh) PIERCING HISTORY. The word "Guiche" is supposed to mean an opening in French. This piercing does not penetrate deep into the scrotum, and due to the looseness. Healing Time: 3 to 6 months Do not touch your piercing, or let others touch it while it is healing Clean your healing piercing.

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